Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Eviction Process - How to Evict a Tenant?

One of the tough tasks is to find and hire a right and higher quality tenant for your property and even toughest part is to evict a tenant.  There can be many reasons causing eviction, but you must have some legal and legitimate reasons you to evict a tenant.  It might be possible that you have hired the wrong or bad tenant for your rental property and now they are making your life hell.  So, in such case you need to evict the tenant. 

It is also possible that sometimes you need to evict those tenants whom you have a good relationship with.  But that doesn’t mean that you will allow them to stay there.  You have rented your home to make money so you just cannot allow anyone to stay free.  You need to make them understand that no matter what the situation is you just cannot allow them all the time not to pay the rent on time.  In just simple ask them to ‘Just pay or move out’.  The process can be sometime tough for a landlord because of friendly relationship that is built between the tenant and landlord.  But being as a landlord, letting anyone to stay in your property for free is a definite way to lose your grip in real estate business. Hence if necessary you should evict the tenant. 

You Should Have Valid Reason to Evict Tenant

Eviction process should be done in legal manner.  You cannot throw a tenant out your home there should be legal and legitimate reason for attempting evict to a tenant.  And in the rental agreement you should have mentioned that how will you handle the eviction process. 

You cannot just evict them because you don’t like them.  There should be some valid reasons to evict tenant like:
·         Not paying the rent.
·         Breaking the rules mentioned in lease/ rental agreement.
·         Damaging the property.
·         Causing harm to the other tenants.
Make sure you have so that you can prove your case in court. 

Sometimes it difficult to find another tenant and there is also risk whether you will get a good one or not so in that talking to your tenants is a good idea.  Eviction is not only a hectic procedure but it also an expensive one.  Again you have to go with the long procedure of finding and screening tenants which will cost your time and money.  So, talking to your tenants will be a good option.  You can also be stress free from this process by hiring property Management Company in Baltimore.  They are professionals and knowledgeable who handles everything legally.  So, for managing your Baltimore rental property you can hire Baltimore Property Management Company.

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